Facets of Unity:
An Enneagram Series

An Enneagram Series

The Facets of Unity - The Enneagram of Holy Ideas

Join us for the next chapter in our Enneagram Series.

In-person, Tuesdays, 11 - 12:30 pm, March 12th through May 7th.

Here, we will not focus on the psychological types; instead, we will explore the higher Spiritual realities they reflect. We will discover how the disconnection from each Holy Idea leads to its fixation.

Spiritual liberation happens when our sense of self is transformed by the ontological presence that is pure Being/Spirit. This transition is shifting the Identity from the personal to the universal.

We will explore the spiritual path concerning God, the world, and the soul.

Presented by:
Kathleen Tomich, LUT

Love offerings are encouraged.

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